Madeline SpencerUAB Office Manager

Madeline (nickname: Punk) was born and raised in Southport, N.C. After attending Cape Fear Community College and working for many years as a local accountant, she took the position of gift shop manager with the N.C. Maritime Museum at Southport. Punk spent five years at NCMM, creating adult and children's programs, writing newsletters and press releases, and working closely with the Museum support group; before transferring in 2008 to the Underwater Archaeology Branch.

Madeline is responsible for UAB and QAR budgets, purchasing, and budget reporting.  She maintains the North Carolina Shipwreck database (over 5,000 entries) and the UAB Bibliography and Sites databases.  She works as the UAB archivist, digitizing files for Shipwrecks, Sites and other water related files gathered during the 50 years of UAB.  Punk serves as the Human Resources Liaison for UAB and QAR, arranges travel for staff and provides general support for office and fieldwork.

Punk lives with her husband in Brunswick County and commutes to work on the Southport-Fort Fisher Ferry. "What a way to start the day!"

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