Archaeology of the Catawba Nation after the Treaty of Pine Tree Hill

Catawba Nation historic map
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In 1760, following a devastating smallpox epidemic that destroyed more than half the nation, the Catawbas signed a treaty with South Carolina that provided a secure reservation, 15 miles square, in return for relinquishing claim to a much larger tract spread across much of Piedmont North Carolina and South Carolina. Having abandoned their earlier towns in the vicinity of Nation Ford, within a few years the tribe resettled along the Catawba River near the reservation’s southern boundary. This talk discusses the archaeological and documentary record for three of the newly-established settlements – Old Town, Ayers Town, and New Town – that date between the early 1760s and 1820. This was a period during which the Catawbas negotiated rapidly changing social, political, and economic conditions, and the successful strategies they employed are reflected in the archaeological record.

North Carolina Museum of History | 5 East Edenton, Raleigh, NC

Tuesday, October 10th,  2017 - 6:30 pm

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Presented by: Dr. R. P. Stephen Davis Jr.

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