Seeking a Cherokee Perspective on the Location of Tali Tsisgwayahi, the Cullowhee Mound Site

Dr Jane Eastman - NC OSA Lecture Series
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Join us for a talk describing ongoing research into placing the Cherokee mound and town of Tali Tsisgwayahi (Two Sparrows Town) within the cultural context of the Cullowhee Valley of the 1600s. This research is made more challenging by the intense development of the town area as part of Western Carolina University’s campus, which has altered the original topography, dramatically reduced sight lines, and rerouted water courses. It is made possible by the work of Cherokee scholars and cultural specialists who have helped articulate Cherokee cultural perspectives on their homeland, and the work of many non-Native scholars who understand how integral Cherokee perceptions of the southern Appalachian region are to any discussion of this place.

Jane Eastman, Ph.D is an Associate Professor of Anthropology at Western Carolina University.

DNCR Western Office | 176 Riceville Road, Asheville

Thursday, March 12, 2020 6:30pm - 7:30pm

This program is free, however RSVP is required to reserve a seat. Space is limited.
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Presented by: Dr Jane Eastman

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