Archaeological Consultants and Consulting Firms

The following list is provided by the North Carolina Office of State Archaeology (OSA) as a service to agencies, organizations and individuals planning to conduct terrestrial or underwater archaeological surveys, site evaluations, or excavations for purposes of review and compliance. The list consists of names of firms and individuals who have previously conducted such studies in North Carolina or have otherwise notified the OSA of their interest in performing contracted studies.The OSA assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of this list and does not attest to the personal or corporate qualifications of persons or firms appearing herein.

Archaeology Consultants List (PDF)

Archaeology Consultants List (excel)

 *If you would like your consulting firm included on our consultant list, please fill out this form.

Contracting agencies are encouraged to consult other listings of potential contractors such as the membership list of the Register of Professional Archaeologists, and to carefully examine the credentials of any firm or person contracted.

For additional details on the current listings, as well as information concerning OSA-accepted contractual procedures, guidelines for report writing and review and professional qualifications please contact us.


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