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Explaining archaeology to students


An essential activity for the OSA involves public education programs on prehistoric and historic archaeology. Staff archaeologists demonstrate archaeological techniques, give lectures, and prepare several types of publications on North Carolina archaeology. Targeted audiences include school groups, amateur archaeological and historical societies, and government agencies that deal with archaeology. Staff archaeologists also share important information on North Carolina through workshops, symposia, and professional papers at state, regional, and national archaeological meetings. For more information about our public education program please contact us.


The OSA library, the state's archaeological site inventory, and collections are made available for professional and student research. Please contact us for inquiries and access to these resources. 

Published Articles


More information about North Carolina's early inhabitants

The Carolina Algonkians - An excellent source page devoted to primary historical and archaeological information pertaining to the Algonkians. 

Native American Settlement of North Carolina

Trail of Tears Association, North Carolina Chapter