Sarah Lowry - Trowel Blazer Lecture Series

Mounds, Plazas, and Palisades: Geophysical Survey on Mississippian Village Sites in the Tennessee River Valley


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Presenter: Sarah Lowry, Director of Geophysics and Archaeologist, New South Associates, Inc.

Nearly a thousand years ago, Cox Mound, Bell Site, Hiwassee Island, Ledford Island, Long Island, and Bussell Island were all complex villages including combinations of mounds, plazas, palisades, ditches, and houses. The damming of the Tennessee River dramatically changed the landscape where these sites were located, and these villages are now under rivers and agricultural fields sitting on lands owned by the Tennessee Valley Authority. Archaeological investigations using geophysical tools have helped us to understand this rich archaeological record and shown just how much more we have to learn.


She Changed the World and Trowel Blazers: Women Making History

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The year 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage. As part of a national campaign to commemorate this historic event, North Carolina’s Department of Natural and Cultural Resources (DNCR) is coordinating a campaign titled “She Changed the World: NC Women Breaking Barriers” through November 2020. Our goal is to share and celebrate the achievements of ALL North Carolina women and illuminate North Carolinian women's pivotal role in breaking down barriers in our state and the nation. In honor of this campaign, the OSA will be highlighting the accomplishments of North Carolina women past and present whose lives have been revealed through archaeology and those who have influenced the development and future of our field through the “Trowel Blazers: Women Making History” initiative.