Cemetery Program

Note: If you want to report graves being disturbed please contact your local sheriff's office. Your sheriff's contact information can be found at the NC Sheriffs' Association.

About the Program

The NC Office of State Archaeology’s Historic Cemetery Program has two objectives:

  • Research: Identify, inventory, map, describe, and permanently record existing cemeteries in North Carolina that meet the federal definition of “historic” (meaning they are at least 50 years old) (36 CFR §60.4)) regardless of size, type, physical characteristics, or location. This is done to permanently preserve historical, genealogical, sociological, demographic, and cultural data for descendants, researchers, and interested North Carolinians.
  • Assistance: Help descendants, researchers, and interested North Carolinians with their cemetery questions. This might include sharing cemetery care best practices, connecting with professional researchers, restoration specialists, and archaeologists, identifying relevant NC General Statutes, sharing cemetery cultural and material characteristics, devising action, management, and outreach strategies, and more.

On this page you will find:

  • Cemetery reporting forms
  • Frequently asked questions about North Carolina cemeteries
  • Relevant NC General Statutes about cemeteries
  • Resources, webinars, and recorded workshops

Not seeing the answers you need? Contact OSA Staff
Melissa Timo, Historic Cemetery Specialist
Melissa.timo@dncr.nc.gov or 919-814-6562