Curation of Artifacts at OSARC

About the Lab

The OSA has a stewardship responsibility for archaeological materials owned or maintained by the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources. Collections on hand have been donated or otherwise acquired by the department, or may be on indefinite, long-term loan through interagency agreements with other state or federal agencies with statutory or regulatory control over artifacts and records. The Office of State Archaeology's Research Center (OSARC) is the primary location for the preservation and storage of these and many of North Carolina's archaeological collections. The OSARC facility strives to ensure the availability of archaeological collections and records for researchers and the public, with guidelines on how artifacts should be retrieved, processed, stored and handled in ways that will contribute to their long-term preservation. The OSA works with agencies to achieve system compatibility for newly acquired collections, and to ensure collections meet professional standards like those detailed in these guidelines. Collections donated from private or corporate sources can be accommodated by the OSA, thus adding to the state's inventory of prehistoric and historic archaeological research materials. Requests for using the OSA's collections storage and research facilities should be submitted to the Laboratory Supervisor

Curation Standards & Fees

Staff and space limitations of the OSARC require that materials submitted for curation meet certain general conditions prior to acceptance. We are pleased to announce our updated Curation Guidelines which can be found in our Archaeological Investigation Standards and Guildlines (Part 4. Curation). For artifact submissions for our curation facility, please fill out the Incoming Collections Form.

Visiting the Lab

The OSARC is a working lab with a small staff. We allow visitors Tuesday-Thursday, by request only. Appointments must be made at least two weeks in advance to visit the lab. To schedule a visit, contact Emily McDowell.

Volunteering at the Lab

We accept volunteers on a first-come first-serve basis. For more information on volunteering please visit our volunteer page.

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