Perspectives of Women in North Carolina Archaeology

Trowel Blazers: Perspectives of Women in North Carolina Archaeology


Archaeology as a field has changed and evolved over the last century, as has the experience of women in this once male-dominated field. Join us as we host a panel of North Carolina female archaeologists in the private and public sectors to discuss their diverse experiences in the field. Come to the NC Museum of History with your own questions to ask our team of experts!


Dr Susan Bamann

Dr. Susan Bamann
Regional Director and Senior Archaeologist
Commonwealth Heritage Group
Tarboro, NC



Kimberly Kenyon



Kimberly Kenyon
Senior Conservator
Queen Anne's Revenge Conservation Lab
Greenville, NC



Dr. Margaret Scarry

Dr. Margaret Scarry
Professor, Chair of Curriculum in Archaeology,
and Director of the Research Labs of Archaeology
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC



Dr Linda Stine

Dr. Linda Stine
Assistant Professor
University of North Carolina
Greensboro, NC



Dr Alice Wright

Dr. Alice P. Wright
Assistant Professor
Appalachian State University
Boone, NC