Recommended Texts

  • National Audubon Society, Field Guide to Rocks and Minerals  - An essential book to have. You don't necessarily have to get this one, most guides are very extensive and good.
  • Rocks & Minerals by Quick Study Academic - This is a laminated folding reference for rocks and minerals. It's great for checking quick facts and for carrying around.
  • Earth: An Introduction to Physical Geology, Eighth Edition by Tarbuck and Lutgens - This is a first semester geology book. Recommended if you are interested in learning more about geology in general.
  • American Geological Institute National Association of Geoscience Teachers, Laboratory Manual in Physical Geology, Seventh Edition - This is a great lab manual to accompany the text book above. It includes not only excellent information but also interactive exercises to teach the basics as well as very detailed charts.
  • Petrology: The study of Igneous, Sedimentary, Metamorphic Rocks by Loren A. Raymond - Recommended only if you have some background knowledge of geology, its a bit more advanced then the other two textbooks listed on this site. It is very extensive and the charts in the back are extremely useful.