Topics Related to Office of State Archaeology

Michelle Lanier explores the use of tools like archaeology and land conservation to expand and diversify the historical narrative of North Carolina.

An interdisciplinary team of students and faculty from ECU investigate diverse maritime cultural sites on the coast that represent a preservation risk.

Dr. Briggs will speak about how archaeologists have traditionally used Mississippian societies to model the start of socially complex organizations.

Hear State Archaeologist John Mintz discuss the past, present, and future of archaeology in NC and the OSA's role in preserving our cultural heritage.

See archaeologists in action as we look for evidence of the original Halifax Courthouse. Learn about modern excavation techniques and discover what it means to be an archaeologist!

Shane will speak about his ongoing research on one of North Carolina’s most important prehistoric resources.

Mr. Hughes investigates Moravian culture through local pottery production at the 18th-century town of Salem in the piedmont of colonial North Carolina.

Dive into inter-agency partnerships to discover, research, and protect the hallmarks of North Carolina’s maritime cultural heritage: shipwrecks.

Mr. McKee will discuss how natural and artificial changes to the Cape Fear River affects the archaeology of one of NC’s oldest ports, Brunswick Town.

Dr. Moore examines the changing paleo-environments of the Southeastern Coastal Plain and the ways humans adapted to their shifting world millennia ago.