Regional Offices

For general information, contact one of our regional offices. The mountain counties are handled by our Western Office in Asheville, the coastal counties by our Underwater Branch in Kure Beach and the piedmont counties (as well as statewide information) by our Raleigh Office.

Western Office
Asheville, NC
Phone: 828-250-3100

Raleigh Office
Raleigh, NC
Phone: 919-814-6550

Underwater Branch
Kure Beach, NC
Phone: 910-251-7320

Staff Directory


Name Title Office Email Phone
Chris Southerly State Archaeologist Underwater Archaeology Branch 910.251.7323
Dylan Clark Deputy State Archaeologist - Land Western Office 828.250.3109
Dee Nelms Office Manager Raleigh Office 919.814.6552
Rosie Blewitt Assistant State Archaeologist and Site Registrar Raleigh Office 919.814.6558
David Cranford Assistant State Archaeologist Raleigh Office 919.814.6551
Kim Urban Assistant State Archaeologist Raleigh Office 919.814.6556
Sam Franklin GIS Specialist Raleigh Office 919.814.6563
Melissa Timo Staff Archaeologist and Historic Cemetery Specialist Raleigh Office 919.814.6562
Mandy Posgai Staff Archaeologist and NCDOT Project Registrar Raleigh Office 919.814.6554
Cassandra Pardo Archaeological Technician and Project Registrar Raleigh Office 919.814.6557
Vacant Archaeological Technician (NCDOT) Raleigh Office    
Allyson Ropp Historic Preservation Archaeology Specialist Eastern Office 252.830.6580
Michael Nelson Assistant State Archaeologist Western Office 828.250.3123
Rachael Denton Staff Archaeologist (NCDOT) Western Office 828.250.3111
Vacant Deputy State Archaeologist - Underwater Underwater Archaeology Branch    
Madeline "Punk" Spencer UAB Office Manager Underwater Archaeology Branch 910.251.7321
Stephen Atkinson Assistant State Archaeologist and UAB Conservator Underwater Archaeology Branch 910.251.7325
Will Nassif Assistant State Archaeologist Underwater Archaeology Branch 910.251.7327
Kimberly Kenyon QAR Senior Conservator and Principal Investigator Queen Anne's Revenge Lab 252.744.6721
Elise Carroll QAR Conservator Queen Anne's Revenge Lab 252.744.6721
Vacant QAR Conservator Queen Anne's Revenge Lab    
Daniel Lowery QAR Lab Office Manager Queen Anne's Revenge Lab 252.744.6721
Emily McDowell Assistant State Archaeologist and Laboratory Supervisor Research Center 919.715.5599
Courtney Page Staff Archaeologist and Collections Manager Research Center 919.715.5599
Sherry Boyette Archaeological Lab Technician Research Center 919.715.5599

Who's My Archaeologist?

If you have more specific questions, please use the map below to find and contact the archaeologist who specializes in your area. These assignments also apply to environmental review projects. You can find all staff contact information at the bottom of this page. 

While we have a vacant reviewer position, some staff have temporarily been assigned counties outside their region.

** If you want to report graves being disturbed, please contact your local sheriff's office directly**

Additional Contacts

Looking for information or have questions regarding specific procedures of the OSA? Please contact the appropriate email below. Inquiries that do not pertain to any of these topics may be directed to a regional office, listed above.

Environmental Review
For submitting compliance projects for environmental review.

Background/Site File Research
For consultant firms needing to conduct GIS and site file searches ahead of compliance work. Appointments are required. For research outside the Environmental Review process, contact the OSA Research Center.

Site and Accession Numbers
For consultants to request site and accession numbers and members of the public to submit site forms. Consultants should submit site forms through the Environmental Review process.

ARPA and Underwater Permits
For acquiring permits before archaeological work on state property and underwater sites.