Regional Offices

For general information, contact one of our regional offices. The mountain counties are handled by our Western Office in Asheville, the coastal counties by our Underwater Branch in Kure Beach and the piedmont counties (as well as statewide information) by our Raleigh Office.

Western Office
Asheville, NC
Phone: 828-250-3100

Raleigh Office
Raleigh, NC
Phone: 919-814-6550

Underwater Branch
Kure Beach, NC
Phone: 910-251-7320

Who's My Archaeologist?

If you have more specific questions, please use the map below to find and contact the archaeologist who specializes in your area. These assignments also apply to environmental review projects. You can find all staff contact information on our Staff Page

While we have a vacant reviewer position, some staff have temporarily been assigned counties outside their region.

** If you want to report graves being disturbed, please contact your local sheriff's office directly**