Underwater Archaeology Branch

About The Underwater Archaeology Branch

North Carolina has a long and rich maritime history. UAB was established to identify, protect, and preserve the many underwater archaeology resources throughout the state.

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Mission Statement

The Department of Natural and Cultural Resources is also authorized to establish a professional staff for the purpose of conducting and/or supervising the surveillance, protection, preservation, survey and systematic underwater archaeological recovery of underwater materials as defined in G.S. 121-122 hereof.

N.C.'s First Heritage Dive Site

North Carolina’s first Heritage Dive Site, the Civil War blockade runner Condor, rests in 25 feet of water, about 700 yards off the beach in front of the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher. 

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The Queen Anne's Revenge Project

UAB, in conjunction with many organizations, has made great strides in conserving artifacts from Blackbeard's famous flagship.

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Environmental Review

An important function of the North Carolina Underwater Archaeology Branch is the review of various state and federal undertakings on public lands (including submerged lands) to determine their affect on archaeological resources.

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