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We have gathered a collection of online content and educational resources from the OSA and our partners, in one place for teachers, students, parents, and anyone looking for enriching experiences, regardless of their location.

Here you’ll find lesson plans, educator resources, videos, and blogs about all aspects of archaeology on land and underwater, through 14,000 years of North Carolina's human history.

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Archaeology in Your Backyard!

  • Site Mapping - Make a map of your backyard with paper and crayons or markers, being sure to include any "features" like trees, furniture, or changes in ground cover.
  • Pedestrian Survey - Just as an archaeologist would look for artifacts in a plowed field, collect or photograph any objects on the ground in your yard. Discuss what activities these artifacts tell you might have happened there.
  • Washing Artifacts - Clean rocks or "artifacts" found in your backyard (with permission!) with water and old paintbrushes or toothbrushes. Allow them to dry so you you can examine their details.
  • Artifact Documentation - Draw pictures of your artifacts. Write down what you observe about them (for more advanced skills) and take measurements with a ruler.

What differences do you see in the artifacts you have collected? How are they similar? What might they have been used for in the past? What activities may have taken place in your backyard based on what you found?

Courtesy of Shane Petersen, NCDOT Archaeologist

Online Lectures

Archaeology at the Pauli Murray Family Home: The State of Research 2019

Early Human Life on the Southeastern Coastal Plain

From Grave Markers to Unmarked Graves: Archaeological Insights of Historic Cemeteries

Hidden Beneath the Waves: Exploring the Underwater Cultural Heritage of NC

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