Topics Related to NOAA's Monitor National Marine Sanctuary

Join Melissa Timo, Historic Cemetery Specialist, as she discusses cemetery traditions along the NC coast from the 18th through early 20th centuries.

The Underwater Branch of the OSA has launched a log boat initiative to inventory, identify, recover, preserve, and exhibit American Indian Log Boats.

Mary Beth Fitts and Allyson Ropp discuss how the Shorescape and Coastal Historic Cemetery Survey Projects document places impacted by 2018 hurricanes.

Hear how maritime archaeologists and technology discovered three shipwrecks that give us greater insight into World War II’s Battle of the Atlantic.

Join Shannon Ricles, Education and Outreach Coordinator for Monitor National Marine Sanctuary to learn about World War I and the enemy in home waters.

These efficient fishing structures were used throughout the pre-colonial and historic periods and represent an important part of our cultural landscape.

Tune in for a unique take on how the maritime field can be adapted to reach a wider, more diverse audience.

Shannon Ricles introduces educators to teaching engineering and design, while learning about maritime heritage through the mystery of shipwrecks.

Using the Lake Phelps canoes as a case study, listen as Tim discusses the advantages and disadvantages of treating waterlogged archaeological wood with sugar, as he reviews their history, treatment, and retreatment.

Will Hoffman, Director of the USS Monitor Center and Chief Conservator at The Mariners' Museum, will present the Monitor conservation efforts to date.