Hidden Beneath the Waves

Hidden Beneath the Waves is a hands-on, interdisciplinary program, designed to introduce eighth-grade students to underwater archaeology with classroom exercises simulating the activities of career underwater archaeologists in the field.

The program consists of four units comprising a four-week course of study. Each unit stands alone, allowing the program to be custom-tailored to fit individual class needs. The program integrates social studies, science, math and language arts skills, and may be presented as a multidisciplinary unit by several teachers or as a unit in any one area.

The program was intended originally for academically gifted students, but has been used successfully with students of all School students working on the Hidden Beneath the Waves program.academic levels, including below grade level, special education, academically gifted and traditional eighth-grade classes. With appropriate teacher modifications, the program is suitable for use in any eighth-grade class.

"Hidden Beneath the Waves" Teachers' Guide